Gooopress will launch ESG dedicated line publishing service to help enhance the influence of corporate content dissemination

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3 min readAug 29, 2022


On August 28, 2022, Gooopress Newswire, the global press release publishing platform, announced that it will launch an ESG dedicated line publishing service to help enterprises, especially listed companies, improve the dissemination influence of ESG content, and reach and attract target audiences more widely.


In recent years, ESG has become a hot word. ESG is an acronym for Environmental (environment), Social (social) and Governance (corporate governance). Different from corporate financial performance, ESG is a performance system that focuses on corporate environmental responsibility, social responsibility, and governance responsibility. The demand for ESG information disclosure in the market continues to grow. According to KPMG’s 2020 Global CEO Outlook report, corporate responsibility has topped the list of concerns for global CEOs in the post-COVID-19 crisis era, with nearly two-thirds (63%) of leaders turning their attention to ESG .

According to the “Enterprise ESG Communication Handbook” launched by Gooopress, more and more listed companies have begun to pay attention to formulating ESG strategies, publishing ESG data and conducting related communication. In 2021, Gooopress Asia Pacific’s carbon neutrality and ESG contributions will soar from 10 to 25 per month to more than 200. In addition, the Gooopress monitoring platform reports that discussions on ESG topics are increasing online. Corporate employees also believe that companies should pay attention to environmental and social issues and actively respond to ESG policies. What’s more, many times clients also consider their ESG practices as an important consideration when considering doing business with a brand.

How to effectively communicate ESG? The ESG special line release launched by Gooopress this time can deliver the company’s ESG news to the target audience in a timely manner through the ESG release network to achieve effective communication. The publishing network covers English-language media and financial institutions, media databases, and ESG sections of authoritative news websites.

In addition, Gooopress’s ESG special line release also includes the establishment of a dedicated ESG resource center for enterprises to facilitate the centralized release of ESG news and related event information. The design team of Gooopress will create a highly branded and personalized ESG website for the company. On the website page, companies can display ESG media reports, annual sustainability reports and ESG achievements, etc., to help investors and stakeholders receive important corporate ESG news in a timely and flexible manner, so that they can make more informed investment decisions.

“As consumers, investors and corporate employees become more ESG aware, we realize that we need to develop such new ESG-related products,” said the head of Gooopress Newswire. “Many times, companies are faced with the Faced with various challenges, such as: lack of effective tools to better convey ESG value. We believe that the launch of the ESG dedicated line publishing service can help companies tell ESG stories more efficiently and better, promote brand growth, and build brand trust .”

“Investors should be able to obtain corporate ESG information in a timely and convenient manner.” The person in charge of Gooopress Newswire said: “We hope to work with customers to improve the efficiency of their ESG dissemination and make corporate information disclosure more transparent.”

Starting August 28, Gooopress Newswire customers in China and North America will be able to use the ESG Line Publishing Service to disseminate corporate ESG-related news.



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