Gooopress Newswire Officially Launches Blockchain Content Marketing Service

Gooopress Newswire
3 min readAug 30, 2022

On August 30, 2022, Gooopress, a well-known public relations service platform in China, announced the launch of a dedicated blockchain publishing service. Help blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and NFT projects to increase the influence of content dissemination, reach and attract target audiences more widely.

Blockchain Content Marketing

With the introduction of the concept of Web3.0, the sustainable development of the blockchain industry has ushered in a new trend. Products such as DeFi, NFTS, and metaverse should also emerge, and these new industries have kept Web3.0 on the front pages of mainstream media.

But even as the world comes to terms with the nascent blockchain technology, the crypto space is still far from perfect. While some crypto startups are currently in the public eye, enjoying media and user adulation, many other promising crypto startups are flying under the radar. Sadly, of the more than 80,000 crypto projects launched since Bitcoin went mainstream, 92% have failed in just 1.22 years of existence. So it’s one thing to have a brilliant blockchain project idea, it’s another thing to be able to survive the tenacity of the market.

Every blockchain project needs as much publicity, investors, capable employees, and dedicated community members as possible. Without that, such a startup could become just another failed project.

In addition to providing excellent service, the secret to survival of any blockchain project largely depends on proper marketing and PR. That’s why new and existing blockchain projects should explore the option of hiring leading blockchain marketing agencies to help them communicate their message and narrative to the media. Each blockchain project can use a press release distribution service to relay their latest developments to the public to ensure they reach the right audience. This will increase the chances of brand awareness and online reputation.

How can blockchain projects effectively disseminate content? Gooopress launched the blockchain dedicated line, which can timely deliver the news of blockchain companies to the target audience through the cryptocurrency website, so as to achieve effective communication. The distribution network covers the encrypted sections of English-language media and financial institutions, media databases and authoritative news websites.

In addition, Gooopress ‘blockchain release also includes the establishment of a dedicated crypto press release resource center for enterprises to centrally release blockchain news and related event information. The Gooopress design team will create a highly branded and personalized crypto feature site for businesses. On the website page, enterprises can display blockchain media reports, annual sustainability reports and achievements, etc., helping investors and stakeholders to receive important news of enterprises in a timely and flexible manner, so that they can make more informed investment decisions.

“A lot of times, companies are facing challenges in building their growth strategies, such as the lack of effective tools to better deliver the value of blockchain projects,” said Gooopress. We believe the launch of the blockchain press release line service can help companies tell the story of their crypto projects more efficiently and better, driving brand growth and building brand trust.”

“Investors should be able to access blockchain project information in a timely and convenient manner.” “We want to work with our customers to improve the efficiency of their blockchain projects and make their disclosures more transparent,” a Gooopress official said.

Starting today, Gooopress customers in China and Southeast Asia will be able to use the Blockchain dedicated publishing service to disseminate news and related product updates.

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